End of Jan update

Hello, I hope I find you well and safe.  It’s near the end of Jan and I thought a quick update may be good.  We are closed except the nursery  and craft supplies/pottery pick ups are open only on Saturday mornings from 9am -1pm.  We have virtually no plants here at the moment, compost and containers is all that we have.  I have been busy with a one in twenty year clear up to rid myself of lots of little pockets of what I thought would come in useful but never has.  The nursery will in a couple of weeks look pristine!!!! Everything will have been picked up and dealt with!  We start potting perennial plants in a couple of weeks and it will be nice to start growing again!  Not sure when the nursery will be fully open ( not cafe or crafts ) but I guess towards the end of Feb.  I will keep you updated.  Keep safe and apart.