July mini news

Our preoccupation in this country with the weather has been well and truly justified in June, we had all four seasons in one day, cold, wet, sunny, hot and it has meant that plant sales were not bad – but as horticulture is related to farming and therefore nothing is ever quite right – it could have been better!!!!!  We still have loads of lovely plants and many have been discounted to encourage a sale or two.  It’s a real shame ( I wrote about this in March ) that people buy their plants too early seduced by the presence of them in garden centres and supermarkets, when plants that are available in June and July are so much better, hardier, more floriferous, better structure etc.  So, if you have some gaps we’ve got some great bargains and some lovely plants.

I’ve just ordered the perennial plugs and bare rooted plants that we will be growing next Spring, the process is always several months in advance so that the plants produced from seeds can be sown at the correct time so that I receive the plugs on time and in good shape.  I order the bedding plants and basket plants in September.  So I have to have a bit of a guess as to what I might sell.  My guess next year for what it’s worth is that as we get back to a more normal life plant sales which have been fantastic the last two years will reduce as there will be more opportunity for “discretionary expenditure” to be directed else where.  We will see!!

The continuing cost of a shipping container from the Far East to the uk is now having an impact.  The container wholesalers have advised me that prices for pots/containers delivered to me now will be 25% more!!  I’m not surprised.  Big garden centres who use bar codes cannot have two prices for the same code ( old stock and new stock) so they will be changing the prices of their old stock up as new stock arrives to be in line with the new stock!!  We don’t use bar codes and so I won’t be changing prices so if you want a pot/container now is the time to come and have a root around before the more expensive new stock eventually arrives.  It will be interesting to see how it affects the volume sold!

The swallows had a nasty shock last week.  We were potting in the barn which has two large doors either end.  A sparrow hawk who must have noticed them all flew in and sat on a trolley post near us no more that a metre away.  We looked at each other whilst the swallows scarped out of the door before the swallow hawk gracefully flew through the barn sussing the place out!!  Whether it comes back or not we are yet to see.

School holiday are just around the corner and we are hoping Poppies Crafts ( painting pottery and decopatch) will be steadily busy, especially as the lockdown restrictions are being eased.  If you are thinking of coming no need to book just arrive please.  It’s a great place for grand parents to bring their grand children ( I am making no assumptions on the age of the readership of this newsletter! )

I’m looking forward to being able to use cash from July 19th at several establishments who have discriminated against cash users like myself by banning cash and insisting on card only transactions.  Not that I am keen to return to them and will only probably do so in order to make sure cash is back on!!!!

Thank you all for your support, custom, kind words, encouragement and general good will, it’s very uplifting and much appreciated.  Hope to see you soon