June mini news

I started back at the beginning of May to write a May news and got consumed in work and with an element of forgetfulness it didn’t happen so I’m determined to get this June news out on time!!!

We have been extremely busy and thank you to all of you who have been to support us.  Our hanging baskets have been excellent and If you have one I hope it is doing well. Tip. Don’t over water them!! and lots of tomato feed should get them through to the end of September.  No dead heading required, to do so won’t make them have any more flowers – why not? because these plants are sterile and whilst they flower they won’t set any seed and so there is no “leakage” of photosynthates into seed production, it all goes into new growth and flowers – clever stuff!!!

It has been consistently cool at night, not cold enough for frosts but night after night the temperature has hovered between 6 and 8 degrees and this has prevented some plants from growing.  Begonias are one such plant which need warmer night temperatures to grow so ours have sat around for well over a month growing a bit but not enough!!! It will only take a few warm nights and the change in the plants will be remarkable, let’s hope this happens soon, it’s nearly mid summer!

Our swallows returned in the first week of May, 2 weeks later than usual and we have three nests instead of five.  A couple of swallow enthusiasts have popped in to see and report that there is a reduction in numbers this year, causes unknown but it’s a long way to and from Africa with many natural and man induced hazards.  Chicks are hatched as I write and adult swallows are busy whizzing in and out with food, the mayfly hatch last week was a easy and welcome bonanza for them!!

The platinum jubilee celebrations have been fun to watch and whether you are a monarchist or a republican – or indifferent- I think we can all agree that the queen has been a true and faithful servant to our country and an role model of dependency, integrity and commitment.  Her family like every other in the country has its ups and downs (except hers are in the public realm ) and in many ways her experiences of heartbreak and pain are the same felt country wide and connect her in a very visceral way to us her subjects.  I think it is easy sometimes to forget we all share the same emotional experiences, whether a royal or a commoner.  Well done Ma’am.

Now, no politics this issue – except – I don’t know if you share the same tension of emotion that I do!! On the one hand I’m fed up with this party gate stuff ( drawn out over months to make me fed up!!) but I feel justice has not quite been done when you consider the sacrifices that many people made following the rules during lock down – but – there is so much more to be done in governing our country (cost of living) and this continuing “distraction” is wasteful of time and energy.  We need a resolution but I am sure we all differ to what this could be!!!

Finishing with plants, we’ve got some cracking perennial plants, lovely dahlias, ( begonias when the nights warm up ) loads of geraniums and still some basket and patio plants that will bring a smile to your faces and colour to your gardens.  If you have any gaps or got Aunt Maud coming for tea and the patio looks a little devoid of colour- please pop in and have a root around.

Have a lovely June and thanks very much for your support