Mini June News. Plant sale

FLASH PLANT SALE.  The weather the past 10 days has reduced our plant sales below what I expected and so we have too many 9cm basket and patio plants ( trailing petunias, verbenas, fuchsias, trailing geraniums etc etc). They either sell in the next 10 days or they will be composted!!

Normally £1.70 each, now a tray of 18 is  £12. Thats 67p each.  

Chance to get more colour into your garden.  

Please tell a friend!!! 

What a month May has been, the very cold frosty start, then plenty of rain and ending much the same!!!!! It only warmed up in June.  It certainly has been a year to test your horticultural skills and one where good technique and understanding has enabled some sort of plant survival whereas the converse is probably the more frequent outcome!!  There have been a lot of seed and plant failures this Spring ( including here ) and what has been tricky has been the balance of keeping plants just about watered but not wet enough for the rots to take over in the cold conditions.  Cold and wet is terminal for many organisms including plants.  Anyway we’ve got through but many plants have grown very slowly and are quite some time behind.  Lavenders as an example have only just started to flush and move on, non stop begonias took an age to root and get going.  There are benefits though.  Plants growing slowly produce very short internodes – that’s the gaps along the stems between shoots – so that when they eventually do start to grow away they make wonderfully dense plants, particularly useful in pots and hanging baskets where you are trying to cover the basket.  So, in all it’s been interesting and plant quality has been better than ever – if you have managed to keep the plants alive!!

The cost of carriage of a 40ft container from the Far East is now a whopping $15,000 two years ago it was $2500.  This has made the importation of pots from Vietnam where they make wonderful pots out of the question at the moment as the price per pot will no longer fit into the acceptable perceived value of the item.  I have a shipping app and when I look at it there are still thousands of ships out of commission at anchorage.  These ships would bolster the supply side and prices would fall if they were being used.  The shipping companies have made more profits in the last 6 months than the whole of the last several years.  Begs the question as to when they will return to service!?? 

I’ve just had a trip out with my wife for coffee, not something we have done for ages only because we haven’t been able to get away being so busy.  Being a Monday several places are closed so we went beyond Stockbridge to a place “never knowingly undersold” to find they didn’t take cash, card only and so having no card it was a wasted journey and frankly made me a tiddly bit cross.  Why not take cash?  It’s a year and a half on now, gels are available post cash handling and cash is a legitimate and legal means of payment.  Not everyone wants or has the use of a card, arrogance or laziness?

The first brood of swallows in all five active nests are flying or just about to fledge, lots of swallows darting into the barn, slight hazard but they have an amazing flight ability not to hit you.  When we get some better weather the adults will start again and eventually there will be 60 plus swallows squeezing through the doors – what fun, it really is