Mini May news

April has been a busy and in many ways difficult month for horticulture.  Not just the lack of supply of pots, compost and other essentials but the cold nights and the nasty cold wind made growing difficult unless you were prepared to spend a lot of money on oil to heat the growing areas at night.  I wasn’t, so we are slightly behind but pleased with the very “hard” grown plants that we have produced.  Interestingly if you had spent a lot of money on oil the result would have been to produce plants ready at the wrong time!!  Anyway we’re set for a decent May with plenty of plants coming along in the time the weather will permit.  We’ve been particularly busy replanting hanging baskets and potting into larger sized pots so that we have plenty of summer flowering plants in June to August.

The cafe, crafts and ice cream reopen on Monday 17th May, so we have some work to do to get ready for this including restocking and making cakes etc.  The cafe and crafts have been closed since Christmas Eve so it will be good to have them going again. 

The swallows are nesting now that we have had some rain and they can gather some mud to rebuild and strengthen their nests in the barn.  The warmer weather in the past couple of days has seen an increase in insects so they are canny enough to get started.  We’ve got quite a few nests dotted around which is great, I left door of our cardboard compactor open for 24 hours and found some bird was trying to build a nest inside and had moved quite a bit if material around – but inside a compactor is not really a great choice – the door remains closed.

Well, we hope to see you in the next few weeks, we’ve have some wonderful plants in superb order and plenty of them at nursery prices – significant savings on a garden centre as we grow them here.  We’ve got very good stocks of compost, growbags and still a good choice of containers.  Hanging baskets start next week and the perennial plants we have grown are coming on stream and are dare I say it fantastic.  Stay safe.  Rog